Reading, Creative Minds and Global Literacy!

Together, we can Tackle Reading. I have the great pleasure in introducing this weeks wonderful entrepreneur! Drumroll please....Kathryn Starke!

By Kathryn Starke:

As a little girl, I dreamed about becoming an elementary school teacher and got my first job as a second-grade teacher at an inner-city school in Richmond, Virginia. I immediately noticed the fact that more than half of the students in my classroom read significantly below grade level. To be a more effective teacher, I went back to school while teaching full-time to earn my Master’s degree in Literacy and Culture. In addition, I wrote songs and stories for my students to learn the science and social studies content in a manner for them to remember and understand since the textbooks were too difficult. Amy’s Travels, which teaches all seven continents, became the first children’s picture book that I wrote and published through my company, Creative Minds Publications. I then traveled to schools, museums, and libraries around my home state of Virginia and the DC area sharing my passion for using children’s literature to teach reading.

I became an elementary school reading specialist so I could serve more than just twenty students a day. Through my company, I could be a keynote speaker, guest author, and literacy conference presenter both locally and nationally. I resigned from teaching full time when I realized I have the capacity to help children across the country learn to read. My global literacy educational company motivates children, supports parents, and inspires teachers to love literacy at home and in school. I travel nationwide helping failing schools become fully accredited in reading, a social issue our country continues to exist. This fall, I wrote and published Tackle Reading with 45 contributing writers to create communities of readers across the country. Our writers include NFL athletes, authors, literacy leaders, celebrities, and educational organizations dedicated to improving and support education. This March 2nd, we kicked off the first annual Tackle Reading across America Day with the NFL. Athletes and teams coast to coast visited their neighborhood inner-city schools promoting a love of literacy with a passion for football. Our company continues to grow and develop new partnerships to enhance urban literacy education. I still consider myself a teacher, just of a larger classroom. Together, we can Tackle Reading. Yes we can!! 

-Kathryn Starke, Urban Literacy Specialist, Author, Founder of Creative Minds Publications, LLC, a global literacy educational company @KathrynStarke (Twitter & Instagram)

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